Grenfell: six months on

The Times newspaper published an article 6 months after the tragic fire at the Grenfell Tower. It includes a contribution by the founder and CEO of the Lido Foundation, Mr Liban Muse, who talks about the fallout from this on local families.Below is an extract from the article; Liban Muse, leader of a community organisation in North Kensington, was among the worshippers leaving the mosque when his phone started buzzing. What he saw will never leave him. “It was the most horrendous thing I have ever seen. The fire was so intense it made me think of Judgment Day,” Liban says, his voice cracking. “People were in tears, screaming that their families were in there,” Liban recalls. “‘Let us in!’ they screamed. But the ocers said it was too dangerous for anyone to enter the building, which was rapidly becoming engulfed in a huge fireball. The men begged, pleading with them: ‘But my family is in there.’”