Lido international projects

Ramadan Food Parcels

Lido International: We have a Ramadan food parcels distribution every year since 2016 where we provide, dates, Flour, oil and Sugar in 10kg,15kg and 20kg bags. This is enough to see them through the month and provide them with their Iftar. This is distributed all across the Puntland area.

Qurbani project

We have a Qurbani project that we run every year for the past 4 years in the Puntland region of Somalia where we give out fresh meat as well as essentials such as flour, oil and sugar in 10kg bags. We have been running this Qurbani Project in partnership with One Ummah for the past 4 years.

Aid for the flooded city of Qardho

heavy downpour in Qardho District (Bari Region, west Puntland) triggered massive flash flooding with wide-ranging impact on the Qardho City population of 120,000 people (20,000 Households). LIDO Foundation provided aid to the flooded city of Qardho.